About Ghoghnos - Introduction
Our History :
Ghoghnos travel agency for more than 35 years in the field of tourism activities by implementing various tours around the world , a large share of transfers allocated to the tourist culture . It should be noted that this motion today with the word "industry" is mentioned , indicating the validity and importance of the profession in all the world . Ghoghnos Agency in recent years with annual holding more than 150 diverse tours and sending thousands of people , highlights the role played in this industry .
Areas of Service :
Ghoghnos Agency variety of as in the field of tourism outgoing, incoming , hotel reservations around the world using the most advanced systems , in partnership with the major world agencies , the use of excellent hotels in the most appropriate areas of the city and more than ten fellow veteran full-time , experienced guides as well as the cooperation with the most sophisticated information and knowledge , always looking for diversity , innovation and dynamism and cultural tours is the most attention .
New Services & Technologies :
Ghoghnos Travel Agency in recent years with the help of expert professionals in the field of information technology and scientific and financial investments , has struggled to keep pace with global developments in the field of non- personal services , movement , and to create new website and provide the collection online Amentities the moment of international hotel bookings and international and domestic flights , in the service our customers at all hours of the day.
To our passengers and clients we recommend , due to problems in the visa restriction of regular flights as well as all lovers travel from Ghoghnos to study the brochure and Ghoghnos Book , select your travel route and the sooner the register link above to we can provide the best service at your service we provide for your loved ones see unforgettable journey
آژانس هوایی ققنوس

An Image of a 30 year old ad, advertising Ghoghnos Tours to various cities of the world. This article was printed in the Keyhan national newspaper.

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