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Gheymeh Stew
It is an Iranian Stew served with rice. If you love eggplants and tomatoes this stew has both of them (it isn`t necessary to use eggplants in this stew.)
In addition, you should use meat, split peas and sour grapes (Ghooreh) for preparing this delicious stew.
Preparation :
Chop or slice potatoes thinly (after pulling off the skin), and put aside.
Then, heat oil over medium heat adds chopped onions, fry till translucent. Afterwards, add the sliced meat and stir well. Add garlic, turmeric, salt, pepper and cinnamon. Mix thoroughly.
Cook until meat is brown on all sides.
Add chopped tomatoes, tomatoes sauce (you can use tomato paste instead of tomatoes) and three cups of water to cover all the ingredients. Bring to boil, then cook for an hour on medium heat.
Adding eggplants are optional. Place eggplants in a large container filled with water to get rid of the bitterness. Remove eggplants from container and dry thoroughly. Then, fry them in hot oil until they are brown on both sides.
Add the fried eggplant to the mixture, adjust the seasoning and add more water if needed. At the end, add two tablespoon of lime juice, or unripe sour grapes (ghooreh).
Cook for another 30 minutes or until meat is prepared.
Suggested Restaurant :
Farsi Food Catering: No 530, next to the Azam –e Gholhak mosque, Dolat (Government) street
Tell: 021 2452
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