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Kofteh Tabrizi (Meat Ball)
Kofteh Tabrizi is originally from North West region of Iran (Tabriz).
This delicious food consists of ball of ground meat (usually beef, lamb, chicken).
Kofte Tabrizi is a high calorie dish, so it’s better to have this food for lunch, especially on cold days.
For preparation of :kofteh Tabrizi you need: ground beef or ground lamb – onions (grated processed to much) – salt – black pepper - prunes – turmeric – raw eggs – yellow split peas (cooked and mashed), seasoning (which one you prefer) and Rice.
-Cook yellow split peas until tender.
-Cook rice until just tender.
- Grate the anions.
-Hard boil the eggs.
-Place cooked yellow split peas in an electric blender.
-Add rice (for blending with yellow split peas).
-Combine ground beef, rice, yellow split peas, grated onion, seasoning (this depends on your favor), one raw egg, salt and pepper. (Mix well together until it turns into a dough consistency).
-Fry onion in oil until golden.
- Take 1/2 cup for stuffing the meatball.
-Quickly fry the Barberry and Walnuts in some oil or butter for a few minutes.
-put all the ingredients in a bowl lined with a cheese cloth. (To make it easier on yourself place a rubber band around the edges of the bowl so that it holds the cheese cloth.)
- Place the hardboiled egg in the middle of the ingredients.
- Add prunes around the egg. (You can use any prunes you like.) Then add barberry, onion and walnuts.
-Now it’s time for closing the cheese cloth (Carefully close shut each corner of the cheese cloth.) then shape it with your hands into a ball. (That way it’s easier to open later).
- Add some turmeric to the pot where the onions are sautéed along with 10 cups of water. Season with salt and pepper. Bring to a boil and place the meatball into the boiling water.
- Cook covered for 1 and 1/2 hours.
- when it’s ready take the meatball out and place it in a deep serving bowl. Remove cheese cloth and ladle the sauce over the meatball.
Suggested restaurant:
Rohi restaurant: No.58, Simaye Iran St., Shahrak-e Gharb, Tehran, Iran
Tell: 02188376080
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