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Milad Tower
In 1993, in order to create a new and fascinating atmosphere for the citizens of Tehran and Iran, and creating a national symbol with regard to the ability of Iranian engineers, the city managers have undertaken to carry out preliminary studies ("Knowledge studies”) to address the telecommunication and television problems of the city and the cases referred to. to create a multi-functional set. Eventually, in 1998, the execution procedure of the tower was started and Yadmin Sazeh Company was introduced by the Tehran Municipality as the executer of Milad Tower Project of Tehran, and Dr. Mohammad Reza Hafezi, professor of Fine Arts of Shahid Beheshti University was selected as the architect and designer of the project. Its issue was put into tender as design and construction and finally contract was concluded with the contractor. In the year 1380, its name changed from Yademan tower to the Milad Tower. The Milad Tower of Tehran is located on a land area of 74.4 hectares on the hills of Nasr mountain in the northwest of Tehran's highway network. From the north to Hemmat Highway, from the south to Hakim Highway, from the east to Chamran highway and from the west to the Sheikh Fazlullah highway. It is a multi-functional complex in telecommunication areas, business centers, restaurants, catering services, convention centers, tourism and recreation services. Currently, this complex includes the Milad Tower of Tehran and the Center of Conferences, and the second phase includes shopping center, tower Hotel and office tower. The Milad Tower, with a height of 435 meters, is the sixth largest telecommunication tower in the world. The approximate weight of the total structure is 150 thousand tons. The height of the tower from the sea level is 1444 meters, so that the Hakim highway is 60 meters below the level of the tower.
Address:: Tehran, Sheikh Fazlollah Nouri Highway, Shahid Hemmat highway entrance, Exclusive passage of Milad Tower ,, Phone: +98 21 8585
Entrance fee:IR150,000
Visiting Hours: 10 to 22
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