Niavaran palace
Historical complex of Niavaran is located in a large garden with an area of about 11 hectares in northern Tehran, enjoying a lot of natural and historical beauty and fascination. The monuments of this complex belong to the Qajar and Pahlavi periods.
At first, the Qajar kings chose this place for their summer residence. Fathali Shah Qajar orders to build a garden in a pleasant weather area outside Tehran that was a much smaller area than today for his summer holidays. Next to the village called "Gorde Vey" or "Gorde be", it was located in Niavaran today, was built gardens instead of piers located in the vicinity of the village. The Fath Ali Shah summer garden, which was created in the canebrake, was called "Ney Avaran", later known as Niavaran. In this garden, Mohammad Shah built a small and simple building, and in the following Nasser-al-Din Shah was built "Saheb-Qaraniyeh Palace" in this garden. The last building was built in the garden during the Qajar era is known as the Ahmad Shahi palace.
During the reign of Pahlavi II, some of the small buildings were destroyed and the Niavaran Palace was built in a modern style for Mohammad Reza Shah and his family's residence.
Now the palace area includes the Niavaran palace and the royal clothing museum, Sahebqaranieh Palace and the Museum of the Basin, the Ahmadshahi Palace, the Jahan Nama Museum, the dedicated library, the Niavaran Palace's exclusive car museum, the garden of inscriptions and greenhouses.
In 1979, the palace was conquered by revolutionary forces and handed over to the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance in 1981. In 1365, the Palace of the Niavaran Museum opened for the first time. In 1989, the Higher Education Center for Cultural Heritage was set up at a special school site and one year later its lateral spaces were allocated to the boys' dormitory.
In the following years, the Museum of Jahan-Nama (1376), Saheb-Qaraniyeh Palace (1377), and Ahmad Shahi palace (2000) were also exposed to public viewing.
Address:: Tehran Province, Tehran, District 1, Niavaran Square ,, Phone: +98 21 2228 2012
Entrance fee:Entrance fee: general admission IR150,000, main hall IR150,000, Ahmad Shahi koshk IR80,000, Museum of Jahan-Nama IR150,000, Niavaran Palace's exclusive car museum IR80,000.
Visiting Hours: 9 to 18
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