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Ash Reshte (Vegetable and noodle soup)
There are more than 50 types of thick soup (Ash) in Iranian cooking. Ash Reshteh is the most famous and popular among all different kinds of Ash in iran.
Traditional Ash (Ash Reshteh) is served at special Iranian events, like:
- Nowrus (Iranian New Year) because the noodles are symbol of good future in the New Year.
-Sizdah-be dar (also known Nature`s Day and it`s celebrated on the thirteenth day of Nowrus).
There are a few different techniques which you can use to make Ash. For this recipe you need:
Chickpeas – Lentils – Red kidney beans – Navy beans – Noodle (Reshteh) – Onion – Curd – Garlic – Fry mint – Salt and pepper – Turmeric and Flour ( 2 table spoons are enough )
Greens for Ash Reshteh include: Dill – Green onions – Spinach – Cilantro – Parsley
The best dish for Ash preparation is a very big Pot.
Pour some water in the pot and let it to boil, then after draining the beans (only the red beans, navy beans, and lentils allow them to boil in the water for 10 – 15 minutes.)
Add the beans back into the pot after the onions were fry a bit. If you would like can add some turmeric powder to the beans.
Add water to the pot (note: the temperature for the stove should be close to medium).
After this step adds all the greens. At this time add frozen package of spinach. Make sure that everything is cooking evenly.
After adding the greens, pour a little bit more water.
Aash Reshteh is not a very watery soup; so, make sure you don’t add too much water because you will need it to evaporate.
Adjust enough salt and pepper for the taste as well (of course this depends on your favorite).
Optional Step:
you can take the flour and add a little cold water to mix it into a paste then adjust it in to the pot and stirred it in.
Afterwards, add some curd into the pot as well and stirred.
Finally you can adjust the garbanzo beans (after rinsing them perfectly).
Now let this pot cook for a few hours (3- 4 hours)
After this step you can add the Noodle (Reshteh) and wait until 20 minutes then you can serve it.
For adorning :
this delicious food you can use a little bit of fry mint, onions (lightly browned), and garlic (lightly browned).
You can try this food in traditional restaurant.
Suggested Restaurant:
Nikoo Sefat Persian Soup: Tehran Province, Tehran, District 11, South Jamalzadeh Street, No. 170
Tell: 021 6692 9255
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