About Iranian Foods
(Stuffed Grape leaves) and (Stuffed Cabbage leaves)
It is a common dish in Iran.
This meal can be prepared with two types of leaves, Grape or Cabbage. It depends on your taste to use which one.
The following ingredients are needed:
Rice – Beef – Yellow Split peas – onion – sugar – salt – pepper – butter – oil – water – ginger - parsley and cinnamon.
Generally, it is a healthy food because of leaves.
Cabbage is also a very good source of dietary fiber, vitamin B6 and vitamin B, potassium, calcium and protein.
Grape leaves
Grape leaves are an excellent source of powerful antioxidant compounds with impressive health effects.
This vegetable is used in a variety of recipes in Iranian cuisines.
Attention: If you are using fresh grape leaves, you will need to boil them in water for a bit so that they get soft.
If using grape leaves in a jar bought from the store, make sure you wash them well so they have no preservatives.
Dolmeh Kalam (Stuffed Grape leaves):
A day before preparing Dolmeh, rinse and dry the cabbage. Place cabbage head in a plastic bag, tightly sealed, put it in freezer and freeze overnight. from freezer, thaw for few hours before use. Carefully peel away leaves and stack
The following ingredients are need:
Grape leaves - olive oil – onion (finely chopped) – parsley - black pepper – cayenne – turmeric - yellow split peas – water and white rice.
- Heat oil and sauté onion
- Add parsley and spices
- Put this material in a bowl
- Mix in yellow spilt peas and rice -Put some of rice mixture (depending on size of leaf) in the middle of a grape leaf.
- Roll leaf from stem to tip
- Repeat procedure with remaining grape leaves until rice mixture is used up
- Pour water in bottom of dish (to prevent sticking and drying out).
- Bake for 25 minutes
Making Stuffed Cabbage Leaves:
Use the same material but you should use cabbage leaves for last step (Put material in the middle of cabbage)
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