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Geographical condition and geological background of Iran which is located between the moderate Caspian Sea and hot, semitropical Oman Sea has led to the creation of beautiful landscapes of large mountain chains, dense forests, vast plains extensive deserts and large ponds within that zone. This is why Iran is called a world within a border.

Iran has a distinguished condition due to its characteristics and climate variation and is called a four-season country. Dense forest of the north, Hera forest, oak forest, Zagros high mountains, Alborz Arass forests, sandy places of Dasht-e-kavir and Loot desert resulting from climatic characteristic of this territory have led to its surprising biodiversity.

On basis, Iran is considered as one of the five distinguished countries of the world from the view point of Eco-tourism as emphasized by man authorities. If you are looking to plan a unique adventure trip to Iran, don’t hesitate to contact our travel specialists.


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