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Jujeh Kabab
Chicken kebab is in the category of traditional and Iranian cuisine. But must say that chicken kebab is one of international dish. In all countries, not only in will be cooked in all restaurant and dining rooms but also is in the family's food program. In fact, almost in all countries, chopped chicken pieces are laid or marinated with special sauce and various ingredients and cooked on stove, charcoal or barbecue. First, the most important element in making Persian Chicken Kabob is the marinade. There are a couple of different ways making chicken marinade. This recipe will make a feature having a nice and easy way of using food.
Recipe :Make a Marinade
In a bowl combine onion (you can use Garlic if you want), Olive Oil, Lime Juice, Salt, Pepper. For Blending well into a smooth mixture adjust seasoning with lime juice, salt and pepper. It is better You make a Seasoning with yogurt (if you like the addition of yogurt, be sure that It tastes much better and adds moisture to your chicken.)
Wash chicken and put dry
Using onion
Place yogurt in a large mixing bowl
Empty the content of the seasoning zip bag
Mix well yogurt and seasoning
Place onion (Garlic) and chicken in the bowl
Mix well until onion and chicken are both well covered with the marinade
Put everything in a zip bag
Put in the fridge overnight turning over a couple of times
Iranian serves this food with Rice, butter and saffron.
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