About Iran - Iranian Taxi Service
Iranian Taxi Service:
Getting around the cities in Iran is particularly easy and cheap. You can get a taxi anywhere at any time. Still, there are some notices you would better have in mind when you are in Iran.
Online Taxi Service:
There are two applications available in Tehran, Shiraz, Mashhad and Isfahan. You can download each of them, Snapp or Tap30, on your android or iOS handset. These apps work like Uber, so all the prices are fixed.
Agency Taxis :
If you are indoor and you do not want to trouble yourself by finding your destination step by step, your probable option could be:
Agency taxis, or ‘telephone’ taxies, are ordered by phone.
This service is considered relatively expensive since you can customize your route. In this case, the taxi is not shared anymore.
Any hotel can arrange agency taxies.
Shared Taxi :
In most towns and cities, shared or shuttle taxies duplicate or even replace local bus services. They usually take up to four passengers: one in the front passenger seat and three in the back
Sometimes you might feel saving more money on your routes, you can get on van taxis? They are cheaper than regular yellow taxies but need more time to get full of passengers.
Private Taxi :
If you are in the street, your option could be private taxi.
Any taxi without passengers, whether obviously shared taxies or more expensive private taxi (usually yellow, sometimes you might find green or white with an orange strip on as well.), can be chartered to go anywhere in town; usually called ‘service’ or ‘agency’. Naturally, you can decide not to share the taxi, but in this case, you will have to wait for an empty taxi and tell the driver that you need it exclusively, then you will have to pay for four people.
Guidance Taxi Sentences: Persian Sentences - English Sentences
*Darbast = Private Taxi
*Ta (then clear your destination for Taxi driver) cheghadr mishe?” - [How much does it cost to get to...?]
*Lotfan mano bebar anja!” - [Take me there, please!]
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